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Amberg - Highlights

Amberg Car Rental

Much like Munich, Amberg is located in Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria is the brilliant domain of Alps. Alps stretch from the Dinaric periphery of Germany to the ramparts of Switzerland. Amberg has a meager population of nearly 47000. The town had come to shape about 10 centuries ago and then it was a major trading center for minerals like iron ore. The city has shown it's bent towards radical Protestantism since its early days. The Upper Palatinate who ruled over the area was extremely liberal towards Protestantism and hence this faction of Christianity started spreading in its ramparts. We use an easy booking management system that permits you to do any kind of changes in your trip schedule.

It has a baroque Franciscan monastery within its perimeters. It's located on the hillock of Our Lady Help of Christians. Franciscan monasteries were built by the catholic orders under the guidance of Francis of Assisi. History has it that bubonic plague had hit the place during olden times. Virgin Mary was being asked for help and slowly but steadily the effects of plague vanished. Since that time, the hillock is named after the Mother. Travelers can experience high-quality Amberg car rental service offered by us.

The market square is filled with sightseeing attractions. There are the parish churches and gothic squares. Even to this day, there are sections of medieval walls dotting the landscape of Amberg. The Little Wedding House is the tiniest hotel found on this planet. The entire construction is of 2 meter acreage. The place is still cozy for a honeymooning couple and has got its own important reason for being. Rent a car in Amberg with us and drive to this hotel without any hassles.