Duisburg Train Station Car Rental

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Duisburg Train Station - Highlights

Duisburg Train Station Car RentalDuisburg Train Station became functional in year 1934. It is a main hub for InterCityExpress, EuroCity, and InterCity trains from and to the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Switzerland, Munich, Cologne, and Munich. It is also one of the most important linking points for RegionalBahn and RegionalExpress lines. Duisburg train station is located in Duisburg, a German city in western region of Ruhr Area in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Along with the largest inland harbor in Europe and its immediacy to Dusseldorf International Airport, Duisburg has developed into a major place for both commerce and steel production. The University of Duisburg-Essen is amongst the ten biggest universities in Germany. Duisburg offers lakes, green parks, outdoor leisure facilities and various other attractions to explore, if you have car on rent to drive around.

You can easily make advance booking of Duisburg Train Station car rental service with us and upon arriving at Duisburg; you can take your hired car to explore its various local attractions. The City Hall tower is located next to Salvator Church and was built in year 1843. Salvator Church was built in 14th century and is one of the oldest sights here. Before being reconstructed after being bombarded during WWI, Salvator Church was considered among biggest towers in Western Germany. Mercator Monument is a fountain and statue of Gerardus Mercator outside the City Hall. Our Duisburg Train Station car rental services are available at various Duisburg destinations.

In Duisburg, there are many former industrial sites which have been turned into recreational and cultural sites. Landschaftspark Nord is one of the most attractive recreational sites in this city, because of the way it has been maintained. There is so much to do around a closed down steel factory. Since there are no changes made in the steel factory, you can take some amazing photographs of the factory and can climb over the huge structures for great views. The whole place has lots of trees which gives it a wild look. Some part of it is also used by the climbers; there is a great slide for the children and a snack bar. If you rent a car at Duisburg Train Station with us, you can travel easily through Duisburg.