Frechen in Germany is a town located in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis region of North Rhine Westphalia, along the western border of Cologne. The first mention of the place can be traced back to AD 877. Frechen was popular in the Middle Ages on account of its splendid terra cotta artifacts, primarily for its beardman jug or the Bartmannskrug. Visit Frechen and go around the town by booking Germany Car Rental in advance with The place offers plentiful attractions and you will not have a boring moment once here.

Frechen - Highlights

Frechen started acquiring importance due to the flourishing mining industry in the region. Visitors to Frechen can check out the prominent city of Cologne, which is situated nearby. It is the largest city in Germany with lots of things to see and do. Make your tour of the attractions of Frechen easier by simply hiring a car from Germany Car Rental. You can visit the Adenauer-Denkmal, the memorial of Konrad Adenauer who became the councilor of Cologne in 1906 and concluded his career as the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic. The Beethoven Denkmal is a commemorative plaque that is dedicated to the music genius. The 19th century monument is a principal landmark of the city and a popular motif for photograph aficionados.

The Alter Market is also a favorite haunt of travelers visiting Frechen. Also known as the Old Market, this is a destination located at the heart of the town. The Alter Market Carnival starts here at the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. Visit the local restaurants and make the most of your stay at Frechen. Make the most of the festive shopping season in the winter months and drive to the best shopping hubs. Visitors to Frechen can make the most of their trip by hiring a car with the well-known provider, The eateries serve the best of cuisines such as bread preparations and delectable regional fare to the connoisseurs of food and flavor.

Frechen Car RentalThose who want to take collectibles back home can visit the Frechen supermarkets to pick up anything from cheap clothes to boutique accessories. This is where you get the best East European designs coupled with traditional styles. If you are dropping in to Frechen, visit in advance to book your car to ensure that you don't miss on anything. There are lots to see around including the warmth and hospitality of the place. Book Germany Car Rental to make the most out of your Frechen trip. Book your car today to avail of the most lucrative discounts.