Friedberg is the capital of the administrative seat of the Wetteraukreis district located in Hesse, Germany. It situated 26 km north of Frankfurt am Main and lies on the edge of the Rhine-Main. An imperial city in the Middle Ages, Friedberg acquired a lot of importance as a center for trade and commerce. The townscape of Friedberg is witness to the rich history and this includes architectural testimonials like the medieval Judenbad, the Gothic church and the imperial castle. Once you are here, you may need to rent a car and see the place around. is a well-known provider that helps you avail the best car rental services in the area.

Friedberg - Highlights

One of the main attractions of the Friedberg city is the Theater Altes Hallenbad which was founded in 2007. The Church of Our Lady, also known as the Marienkirche, is another popular attraction. St. Jacob's Church is constructed in Neo Baroque style offering plenty of historical anecdotes to the interested traveler. The Judenbad is a 'mikvah' located in Friedberg. It is the oldest and totally preserved medieval construction that was meant for the ritual Jewish immersion. It contains the Grundwassermikwaot, which was originally built underground at the level of the existing water table. With so much to see the best option would be to hire a car from the premier car rental organization in Friedberg city.

Visit the Rathaus, the Town Hall of Friedberg which is the seat of the city's administration. Take a trip to the City Council. The regally styled Renaissance architecture inspired building on the Marienplatz which was constructed in 1680 by a student of Elias Holl, the architect from Augusburg. The building has a coffered ceiling and well preserved frescoes. The two Putzbau containing the mansard roof and roof riders had been constructed between 1737 and 1740 by Johann Philipp.

Friedberg Car RentalThe Wetterau-Museum contains timeless exhibits dating from the days of the Roman Empire when Roman soldiers approached the then free Germania. Travelers should not miss the annual Soundgarden Festival with its popular activities and musical bands. There's something for the shoppers too, from a good range of historical mementoes to art inspired collectibles. Whether you are in for leisure or business, don't give Friedberg a miss. Book a car from Germany Car Rental at for a safe and successful trip. offers great and attractive discounts for advance bookings.