Fuerth in Germany is located in Bavaria in Franconia. It is situated at a convenient distance from the city of Nuremberg, although Fuerth or Furth stayed unaffected during the War. Fuerth is a part of a larger conurbation which forms one of the metropolitan regions of Bavaria. Fuerth is beautiful to look around and visit, thanks to the medieval past of the region and its unique depiction of Gothic architecture. Once you are in Fuerth, you can avail of the car rental services for checking out the sights and attractions of the area.

Fuerth - Highlights

Visit Fuerth to tour the Stadttheater Furth, the municipal theater, which was constructed by the theater architects from Vienna, Helmer and Fellner. It is created in baroque Italian architecture identical to the Ukrainian town Chernivtsi. Drop in to the Comodie Furth which is housed today in Berolzheimerianum, the Jugendstil building. It is where cult comedians of Franconia make regular appearances. Use Germany Car Rental services to check out the attractions of the city. The St. Michael Protestant Church is the oldest building in Fuerth. It dates back to 1100 AD and has a neo Gothic design. The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the 19th century is a classical building like the Protestant Church of the Resurrection.

There are also the parks to visit. The Stadtpark or Municipal Park, located just beside the Pegnitz, represents a gradual transition to the watery meadows down the river. The park is a traveler's delight, offering benches, duck ponds, kids' playgrounds, a rose garden, mini golf course, statues, a botanical garden and even a grassland orchard. The Sudstadtpark is now thrown open to the public, and is located on the barracks.

Fuerth Car RentalWhile you're at Fuerth Germany, there are lots to do, from eating to shopping. So, make sure you have a large-sized car to hold your shopping bag! Visit the Gustavstra├če for food and drink. Located in the old Town near Rathaus, the place abounds in cafes, small pubs, cocktail bars as well as bistros serving Franconian cuisine. The City Center mall, accessible by car, offers shopping facilities for travelers with lots of retail shops and an open market. Check out GermanyCarRentalSite.com for Germany Car Rental and get the best services to make your trip safe and sound. You may even go for advance bookings with GermanyCarRentalSite.com to enjoy attractive benefits.