Grunberg is a town situated in the Gießen district in Hesse or Hessen, in Germany. It is located at a distance of about 20 km from Gießen. Once you are at this picturesque town, for leisure or for business, it is a good idea to visit the attractions of the place by hiring a car. Make the best use of the car rental services offered by Germany Car Rental for this purpose. What you need to do for that is visit for booking the car of your choice.

Grunberg - Highlights

Neustadt is a medieval town that has its own small church – St. Paul’s Church. It has a monastery built by the Augustan monks situated right beside it. The monastery was constructed in the 15th century and today, it is a half wooded building. Use Germany Car Rental to explore the Fountain Valley and other travel destinations. Fountain Valley is the place where the watchtower stood, guarding the town’s source of drinking water. Presently, the place belongs to the Brunnental or Fountain Valley recreational area. The well is divided into 2 ponds and till this day, the 19th century pump is used for pumping water. Also do drop in to the Watch Tower which is situated on the hills before the old city walls.

The Winterplatz presides over the former brewery. It reigns from the 18th century with a fountain containing a lion’s head. The lion replicates the one that is present in the marketplace fountain. If you avail the services offered by, you can make your Grunberg trip worthwhile by having a car at your disposal all the. Visit the cliff region of Grunberg which has a stone house dating back to the 16th century in. You would love to visit the castle that extends over the church plaza on to the tiny bridge. This is also the birthplace of Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker, a prominent archaeologist of the 19th century.

Grunberg Car RentalThose who love the food fare of the place can visit a few attractive options like the Bistro Schirn where you literally eat in the barn. The building dates back to 1530 and hence represents a rustic feel with a quaint exterior and contemporary interior. Folk dances are held in August. The best part is that it is not too expensive either. The Schloss-Cafe Lukasch is a German bakery which serves authentic dairy products to skim your taste buds. Visit Grunberg and see the place around by easily hiring a car from the Germany Car Rental. Make sure to check with the to enjoy lucrative rates.