The Hof Airport in Germany is also known as the Flughafen Hof-Plauen. The airport serves the Hof region situated in Bavaria, a state in Germany. Hof Airport is situated about 6 km to the south west of the city. Located about 597 m above sea level, the Hof Airport has a single asphalt runway, and serves the Cirrus Airlines which plies to and from Frankfurt. Hof is a city situated at the banks of the Saale River to the north east of Bavaria. This is also known as the Franconia region for its forests. Germany car rentals help you get around the city effectively especially when you have landed at the Hof Airport. Register with GermanyCarRentalSite.com for car rental facilities to check out the diverse attractions of the area.

Hagenow - Highlights

Travelers in Hagenow have lots to see and enjoy. Being a rural town, it offers the city-based tourist a one of a kind experience, in absolute tranquility and bliss. In such a case, Germany Car Rental would come in handy as you can get around the attractions of the town. Visit the place that lies between Lange Strasse and Lindenplatz. Designed freshly in 1996, the Lange Strasse has a church which was constructed between 1875 and 1879 in Neo Gothic architecture. There's also the remainder of an old church – a stone wall at the base of the tower. The Town Hall building is a local attraction, which was opened in 1935.

Visit the Lange Strasse 82 in Hagenow. It is the oldest house of the town. An inscription reveals that it was here that the Stadtkrug was constructed in 1730. A half-timbered house built by the distiller and brewer, Jessel, serves as the town museum. It is called the Stadtmuseum or City Museum. The museum contains interesting exhibits of the art of shoemaking, which played an instrumental role in Hagenow in the 19th century. The special exhibitions are frequently diversified which attracts lots of visitors to the museum. Check out the Stadtkirche which is constructed in Neo Gothic architecture.

Passengers arriving at Hagenow can use the car rental services to plan short trips to visit the diverse attractions of the place. Don't miss out the Gable End House at Koenigsstrasse 15. It is the smallest house of the town with a crossbeam inscription which dates the construction as 1751. Wittenburger Strasse 8 is the place where you'll find a renovated dormer house dating to 1766. The Water Tower, 30 m high, symbolizes the town and church tower. After the Communists took over, the tower was constructed into offices and flats.


Hagenow Car Rental

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