Halberstadt in Germany is a town situated at the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. It is the capital of the Harz district, and positioned along the Magdeburg–Thale railway and the German Framework Road. This is a town that had been damaged during the World War I, although it still retains a number of historic buildings and an ancient townscape. Book Germany Car Rental with GermanyCarRentalSite.com for a unique trip to Halberstadt. The car will help you to visit the places that you shouldn't miss out on. The St. Stephen Cathedral and Liebfrauenkirche deserve special mention. These are churches which were constructed during the 12th and 13th centuries and offer modern day travelers a peek into the history of the land.

Halberstadt - Highlights

The churches in Halberstadt are reminiscent of the towns of northern Europe which have, till this day, retained their historical significance and medieval treasury intact. These also contain some of the oldest surviving tapestries of the Continent dating from the 12th century AD. Use Germany car rental services to get around Halberstadt. Visit the diocese of Halberstadt – the Bistum Halberstadt – which had once been a Roman Catholic bishopric between 804 and 1648 AD. It had also been a clerical state of the Holy Roman Empire since the latter part of the Middle Ages.

Germany car rental are a unique way to check out the local attractions the place has to offer, whether you are here for leisure or business. Visit the Gleim's Temple of Friendship which contains paintings of the 18th century poet Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim. These paintings were admired by none other than Goethe. The Country Park Spiegelsberge or Landschaftspark is located to the south of Halberstadt. It is a landscaped park which was previously used for feeding the sheep. Check out the gigantic wine barrel in the Halberstadt hunting lodge. It is locally known as the Riesenweinfass im Jagdschloss built in 1594 by Werner from Landau. The Tiergarten overlooks the mountains and is home to the exquisite blue peacocks.

Halberstadt Car RentalHalberstadt is also noted for its museums including the Heineanum Museum, Municipal Museum, Screw-Museum and others. Most of them contain archaeological findings from the Neolithic Age and dinosaur fossils. The Leisure and Sports Center of Halberstadt which contains an adventure and health pool, along with recreational options. The Floral Entente offers gardeners the opportunity to display their skills. Log on to GermanyCarRentalSite.com to access the best Germany Car Rental packages available in Halberstadt. Pickup offices in the region are available too. Germany Car Rental Site makes your travel smooth and easy and offers travelers lucrative deals.