Halle in Germany is also known as Halle an der Saale. It translates into the city that is located on the banks of the Saale River. Halle is situated in Saxony-Anhalt. Halle is an important center for culture and tourism and this is why every year, interested travelers drop in from all corners of the globe. Various kinds of city tours are conducted in Halle to offer trips to the Giebichenstein Castle located to the north of the city center. The castle was first mentioned in 961 AD. Take a look around the attractions of Halle by hiring a car which will be at your disposal throughout the trip. GermanyCarRentalSite.com offers great offers on your car rentals.

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Moritzburg is a new palace that was built in 1503 AD. It was constructed as the abode of the archbishops in Magdeburg. Moritzburg was destroyed in the 30 Years' War, after which it had been a ruin for centuries, until it was rebuilt in 1904. Presently, it is an art gallery. Visit the Der Dom or the Cathedral, a steeple-free building that had originally been a church within a 1271 AD Dominican monastery. Travel to the Handel House which was constructed in 1558. It is the birthplace of Georg Fridrich Handel and has a collection of historical musical instruments. Another noted attraction is the Ackerburgerhaus. With so much to visit, hiring a car will be the best option for travelers to go around the city.

Most parts of the Halle-Neustadt had been constructed during the 1960s. The place is situated to the west of Halle and exemplifies the successful housing developments that took place in the GDR socialistic era. Plan a short visit with your rental car to the Daily Farmers Market at the Main Square that sells fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, and meat and even bakery products. Stadtgottesacker is a cemetery dating from the Renaissance era, identical to the Composanto, situated in Pisa Italy. The Red Tower or Roter Turm is a Bell Tower placed in the Marien Church, a famous landmark of Halle.

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The Markt Kirche dates back to the 11th century AD and is a significant tourism hub. The Reichhardts Garden was constructed in 1794. It has been made open to the public since 1903. Food is an additional specialty of Halle. While you're here, don't forget to drop in to the restaurants which sell the doner kebap, a German rendition of authentic Turkish food. The Schokolade Museum is the oldest Chocolate Factory in the country. Make the best of Germany Car Rental service by booking a service with GermanyCarRentalSite.com which offers unique car rental services and that too at lucrative discounts.