Heide is a town located in Schleswig-Holstein. It is also the capital of Kreis. Heide is the German word which stands for 'heath' and derives its name from the 4 villages which came together to construct a cathedral in the heart of a heath between 1400 and 1499. The name of the town derives from the collective endeavor of the villages. Although the exact date of establishment of Heide is not clear, it is evident that by 1447, it was already the principal habitation of Dithmarschen. Once you are in Heide, get around the city with Germany Car Rental by booking through GermanyCarRentalSite.com to make your trip worthwhile.

Heide - Highlights

Heide became a town only during the 19th century. Today, it is an important tourist resort. As a leisure or business traveler, you can check with the Germany Car Rental for going around the town. It is a great idea to explore some of the important sightseeing landmarks by car, such as the St. Jurgen Church which was established in 1560 and the Water Tower created in 1903. Visitors can also check out the Museum of Dithmarschen History as well as the Brahmshaus. Brahmshaus is the residence where predecessors of the famous music composer Johannes Brahms stayed. It has now been converted to a museum.

Heide is the birthplace of Fritz Thiedemann, the show jumper, and double Olympic champion. Book a car to see the town around by making several small trips. One of the main attractions of Heide is the Heide Museum of Modern Art. It presents exhibitions on diverse topics and is open to the travelers interested in sampling the art and culture of the land. You may also check out the Ringhotel Berlin, a luxurious accommodation located at the heart of Dithmarschen. The hotel commands beautiful views of the adjacent fields and meadows and is furnished with a range of luxury amenities to suit the traveler.

Heide Car RentalTravelers can visit the Main Street of Heide. The place is a haunt of travelers and crowds and offer options for lots of activities and festivals. Check out the wide verdant hills around the village. Carry some food along so that you can spend the time well. Book Germany Car Rental with GermanyCarRentalSite.com which ensures that your trip is a safe and convenient one, with easy pickup offices in the town. GermanyCarRentalSite also offers lucrative discounts if you book your car early. So hurry up and book today.