Hof Airport

The Hof Airport in Germany is also known as the Flughafen Hof-Plauen. The airport serves the Hof region situated in Bavaria, a state in Germany. Hof Airport is situated about 6 km to the south west of the city. Located about 597 m above sea level, the Hof Airport has a single asphalt runway, and serves the Cirrus Airlines which plies to and from Frankfurt. Hof is a city situated at the banks of the Saale River to the north east of Bavaria. This is also known as the Franconia region for its forests. Germany car rentals help you get around the city effectively especially when you have landed at the Hof Airport. Register with GermanyCarRentalSite.com for car rental facilities to check out the diverse attractions of the area.

Altenburg Nobitz Airport - Highlights

Once you have touched base at the Hof Airport, make short trips to the various destinations, such as the forests of the Fichtelgebirge and the upland locations of Frankenwald. The Botanischer Garten der Stadt Hof is a noted botanical garden of the region, situated at the Theresienstein Park. The best part about the garden is that admission is absolutely free of cost. You can easily visit Theresienstein in the summer months. The history of the garden dates back to the era of the Great Depression in 1929. Hiring a car for such purposes will be the best idea.

Drive to the Schlosshotel Buehlerhoehe, which offers attractive views, being situated in a verdant landscape. The rooms provide spectacular vistas of the surroundings. There is also a spa located here which helps travelers get the best of massage treatments and therapies. Groom yourself and get back with a fantastic look. Visit the Hofer Altar which is the most important work of art of the city. It dates back to AD 1465. Hof also contains the Heidenreich organ, considered one of the finest organs of Bavaria. It is housed in the St. Michaelis parish church which had been completed in 1834.

Hof Airport Car RentalHof is famous for the local delicacies that it has to offer. Among them, two are most notable: sausages and the Schnitz. Visit the local stores to sample the Schnitz which is a hotpot. The outlets also serve the sausages which are boiled in a brass cauldron fired by coal. The sausages are also available at the roadside food joints. The Schlappenbier is a strong beer that is served only on the first Monday following the Schlappentag or Trinity Sunday. Visit GermanyCarRentalSite.com for some of the best Germany Car Rental services and bag interesting discounts.