Kiel Airport Car Rental

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Kiel Airport - Highlights

While the Kiel Canal was being built, the construction of the Kiel Airport was effected. This dates back to the year 1914. During the year 1927, the Kiel Airport company was established and since then the company is responsible for the operations at the Airport.  Further, in the year 1937 the airport was transformed as the base for the military however, it continued to host the civilian flight also. Year 1967 saw the commencement of the construction of the first terminal. In the late 80’s many major aviation companies offered started to offer their services to and from this airport and since this the airport kept on advancing and today it is an important centre from defense aviation point of view. While Kiel Airport offered excellent services to the tourists and visitors, our rental company did the same by offering excellent Kiel Airport car rental services in and around Kiel.

Kiel Airport Car RentalThe Kiel Airport was subjected to many fluctuations as the civil flights services were many times suspended and resumed here. The discontinuity of the flight routes and the shrinking number of passengers were the major reasons behind this happening. This is the reason many major airline companies withdrew their services and continued nominal services. However, the further shrink in the number of passengers resulted in the suspension of these services too. However, in spite of this happening the Kiel Airport car rental services offered by us was unaffected and they continued to enhance their services and today are the leading rental service provider.

The German navy’s air wing is making use of the Kiel Airport largely as its base. It has been the case since the year 1958 and there have been no fluctuations what so ever in this. The Kiel Airport is also the base for Annual International Flugstage where the acrobatics, historic airplanes and parachutes are displayed.

As far as the civil aviation is concerned, the airport is being used as a helipad and for the landing of chartered planes too. The city centre from here is distance away and so the common practice of the people landing here is to hire a car at Kiel Airport from us to make it until there.