Limburg Car Rental

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Limburg - Highlights

Limburg Car RentalSituated between the Taunus and the Westland hills Limburg is known for the peaceful surroundings. The half-timbered houses here are an integral part of its identity. However, it is the Cathedral, which dominates the identity. This is probably the only major tourist destination here therefore; the visit here can be planned as picnic with an entire family. If you plan to visit the Cathedral, it is advised that you hire a car in Limburg from us. There are lot of restaurants along the way here you can relish on the local foodstuffs, as well as many outlets where you can also shop for the local products.

Since the Cathedral is the major tourist attraction here, it is a good opportunity to throw some light on the insights of this monument. The Cathedral is situated at a height and from here; the overview of the river is very beautiful. The Cathedral is the worlds most well preserved and while having a look at it gives us an idea of the potential of the sculptures, architects and artisans of the medieval period. The monument was originally built as a Church it was converted into a Cathedral in the late 18 century.

The Cathedral has weathered the storms and centuries since centuries and the fact that it is still standing tall is itself an assurance of its rock solid foundation and built. The Cathedral is situated on a rock in the outskirts of the city. As this is, the only place to see once you are done you will be eager to return from there. This is only possible if you rent a car in Limburg with us and make it till there, if you have made it until here by public transport then you will have to wait a bit longer.

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