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Mannheim - Highlights

Mannheim Car RentalMannheim is a sparkling and cosmopolitan city. The art and culture are given the same importance like it was given during the times of Elector Theodor. Mannheim has developed into one of the biggest and most urbanized cities in Southern Germany. In the 18th century, only for a short duration the city served as a local government center. Mannheim offers thriving mixture of architectural structures, rich culture scene, shops, and new buildings. At present, Mannheim is having a huge university and an industrial center nearby. The city is the center of both commerce and arts. Hiring a car in Mannheim from us is the easiest and comfortable option through which the travelers can commute around the city.

Mannheim offers some of the interesting places. When the travelers have reached this city, they can use Mannheim car rental services offered by us and organize a short trip to the famous sites. Electoral Palace and Palace Chapel was built between 1720 and 1760 and in Germany Electoral Palace is the biggest baroque complex. At the moment, a major part of palace is being used by the university. Jesuit Church is one of the leading baroque churches in south-west Germany. The church’s brilliant acoustics and ambiance was praised by Mozart himself. The church was built between 1733 and 1759. Mannheim’s water tower is a well-known landmark at the highest point of Friedrichsplatz square. During summertime, the area around the water tower is a famous meeting place for the people of all age groups. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the peaceful ambience.

Mannheim has a great cultural scene, with jazz festivals, International Film Festival, Schiller Festival; the city has so much to offer to the travelers. Mannheim Rosengarten building is one of Germany’s main cultural and conference centers. It is a place for conducting concerts too. National Theatre has been given the nickname of "Schillerbühne” when Schiller’s ‘The Robbers’ was premiered in this theatre back in 1782. Christopher Street Day, open air concerts, the town festival, the Christmas market are celebrated equally by the locals and the travelers from around the world.

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