Niederrhein Airport Car Rental

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Niederrhein Airport - Highlights

Niederrhein Airport in Germany is located at a close proximity of less than 4 miles, southwest of Weeze. 33 kilometers away is the coast of Netherlands. About 7 years ago, Niederrhein commenced civil operations. Its area belonged to a military airbase. The airport has heralded a cheap dimension for low-cost airlines. Ryanair is presently doing a fabulous job. The passengers also love it. They have to fork out far lesser traveling through a low-cost carrier.

The airport originally wanted to be named Düsseldorf (the great fashion capital), but a court ruling suggested that this could be misleading as the airport was some 70 kilometer away from Düsseldorf and that there were three airports already operating closer to Düsseldorf. Today, officially the airport has been termed one of the fastest growing airports in recent times, establishing a spurt of over 80 percent in last annual. The cheapest way to move around airport is to use Niederrhein Airport car rental services offered by us.

Niederrhein Airport Car RentalThis is not unexpected news. The airport completely focuses on a customer-centric approach and ensures that the passengers are being treated well. There are amenities spread around its perimeter which facilitates the task of providing a feasible set-up to passengers. Baggage trolleys and carousel bags are available all through the airport acreage. An information desk for satiating the need of customer queries is right there at the terminal. There is a restaurant that offers delectable food. Internet facility is round the clock and cheap telephonic access is being bestowed by the airport. If you are journeying with a disabled person, there is a special restroom for them and there are wheelchair facility abound. Hire a car at Niederrhein Airport from us and explore the city as well as nearby sights with utmost ease.

After Ryanair which takes bulk of air load entering the premise of this airport, XL airways and Hamburg international come up as next best carriers in terms of quantity. Sun airlines, sky airlines and Pegasus airlines only travel to Antalya (a very influential Turkish city).

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