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Offenburg - Highlights

The city of Offenburg in Germany is always bustling with life and energy, whether it is day or night. A tour of Germany remains incomplete without the city of Offenburg on the itinerary. Offenburg is the capital city of Ortenaukreis. Its scenic location, sitting on the point where the river Kinzig emerges from the foothills of the Black Forest and flows towards the fertile Upper Rhine plain, has contributed largely to the continuous trickling of tourists into the city.

There is something for everyone in Offenburg. This city is a treasure trove of sightseeing attractions ranging from historic building and museums to breathtaking natural landscapes. The war ravaged past of the city has also left behind various landmarks in its different nooks and corners, which are a reminder of the Nine Years War. This happened in the year 1803 when Offenburg lost its status as a free city and was annexed by Grand Duchy of Baden. However, it now enjoys the status of a Free Imperial City and is home to Hubert Burda Media, a large publishing and printing company. With so much to see and enjoy, Offenburg car rental service offered by us is the best option to visit the various landmarks at your own time and ease.

Whether you are a nature lover or a cultural enthusiast you can find an ideal thing to do in Offenburg while on a trip to the city. Some of the must see attractions of the city that every tourist should visit are the Salmen Inn – the meeting place of the first German Democrats, the Capuchin Monastery and the 1784 manor-house of Ritterhaus that has been converted into the city archives and museum. You can also visit the former Royal Palace (Königshof) in the city, which was constructed by Michael Ludwig Rohrer. Today, this building serves as the Police station.

Offenburg Car RentalYour trip to Offenburg will remain incomplete without a visit to the Jewish Bath. This historical bath house belonged to the 16th or 17th century Jewish community that took up residence in the city. A tour of this underground bath house is sure to make for an exciting experience. You can also explore other places of interest in the surrounding areas of the city by hiring a car in Offenburg from us.

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