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Peine - Highlights

Peine Car RentalThe lower Saxony town of Peine has recently made an appearance on the travel map of the country. Much of this can be credited to its serene setting and the warm welcome that this town offers to tourists - both domestic and international. Peine is the capital of the district of Peine and is located on the banks of the river Fuhse and the Mittellandkanal. It is situated at a distance of approximately 25 km to the west of Braunschweig, and 40 km to the east of Hanover. A majority of the inhabitants living in this town are of Turkish origin whose forefathers immigrated to this country in search of work.

The town of Peine got its name from Berthold von Pagin, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1130. This was around the same time that the now famous castle of Burg Peine was built. Though this castle was built under the patronage of Berthold von Pagin it was later annexed by Earl Gunzelin von Wolfenbüttel in the year 1201. Gunzelin was the commander-in-chief of the German army that defeated Hartbert von Hildesheim to take over control of castle and the surrounding area. The town of Peine as we see today was founded in 1220 by Gunzelin. With so much to see and enjoy renting a car in Peine with us is the best option to visit the various landmarks at your own time and ease.

An important year that marks the history of Peine is 1260 when the town got the right to mint and issue coins. Despite some minor disturbances here and there, this mint remained operational until 1428. It is believed that two of the biggest German medieval treasures of silver that were found under the streets Stederdorfer Straße and Horstweg in 1954 and 1956 respectively were produced in this mint. The treasures comprised 95 pieces of round bullions that weighed well over 75 kg and belonged to the 14th century.

Apart from its intriguing history, the town of Peine is also known for its popular sightseeing attractions such as The Market Square, Former City Hall from 1827 on the market square, The Burgpark, Jakobi-Kirche, Töpfers Mühle, Steel Factory and Water Tower in its southern part. You can explore all this and much more by hiring a car in Peine from us.

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