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People here relish the quietude and excellent weather all through. You will not mind traversing its roads and landmarks on cars. If you have not got yours, you can always come to us for excellent Weinheim car rental service. We have a fleet of cars at our disposal, and most of your requirements are met. There are no hidden costs and you are laden with good insurance and discounted charges. You may even look for suggestive rebates on bulk booking and long-term plans. We provide great Weinheim car rental advantage for those who find its weather quite unbearable in summer.

Weinheim - Highlights

Weinheim is a sufficiently sized city in state of Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. It is close enough to two key points in the country - Heidelberg and Mannheim. It has two resplendent cities which has earned it the nickname Two-Castle City. Its history dates back to 755 AD, from when it was given the right to mint coins Weinheim Car Rentaland be a key market area and trade city. Times changed and so did Weinheim’s paradigm. It is quite well populated. You can book your Weinheim car rental service with us online and then relax.

Its festivals attract a flurry of tourists in particular seasons. Some of the prominent ones are Weinheimer-Senioren Convents and Weinheim Road Race. Of late, many significant companies have settled their branches here like OAGIS and Naturin. Kerwe Festival is another annual festival with some promise; especially as it is related with consecration of church. Hiring a car in Weinheim from us offers a perfect access to all the key landmarks and attractions of the city.

For tourists’ benefits, eateries and hotels have come up. Grunen Baum Hotel and Otto Heinrich Hotel are two key ones to enrich the hospitality sector. This place revels in clothes and electronics; found in good quality at Marktplatz. Hiking, swimming and wine tasting are some of the activities that Weinheimers indulge in.

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