Altenburg Nobitz Airport Car Rental

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Altenburg Nobitz Airport - Highlights

Located about 4 miles southeast and 26 miles south of Altenburg and Leipzig respectively, Altenburg Nobitz Airport was one of the leading regional airports of Germany. The airport remained a busy regional aviation hub until its closure in 2013. Altenburg Nobitz Airport no longer offers any scheduled flights from its terminals. The airport is now largely used for corporate aircraft operations. There is also one small museum located within the airport, featuring its origin and glorious history. Aircrafts on display include – Soviet Air Force MiG-21 and Luftwaffe Breguet Atlantique Maritime Patrol aircraft.

One of the oldest airfields of the Deutschland, the airport’s history can be traced back to the 19th century. Earlier used as an infantry drill ground, the place caught the attention of Duke Enrnst II. He acceded to the proposal of expanding the site for military purposes. In 1909, Duke Ernst II of Sachsen-Altenburg got increasingly fascinated with the idea of aircrafts. His passion for flying played an instrumental role in converting the drill ground to a fully-fledged airfield in 1913.

Hof Airport Car RentalThe airport complex worked as a major production cum assembling facility for German fighter aircrafts during World War I. However, the assembly and production lines were dismantled following the defeat of Germany. The airfield remained unused for more than a decade. It was in 1936 that rework paved a way for new hangars, workshops, and terminals. The German unification further played a bigger role in attracting more regional airlines to start flight operations at the airport.

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