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Talking of wheels, you can get them out of a wide selection of fully furnished and excellent Weissenburg car rental service with us. We understand that you may like to check the entire vicinity with a degree of comfort and even wish to check out the suburbs. We get you traveling details, rental guides and strong insurance. We even get you accommodating vehicles if you have arrived with a large group. We charge moderately for cancellation and have arrangements for last minute bookings. Still it is preferable to hire a car in Weissenburg from us beforehand to avoid rush and disappointment.

Weissenburg - Highlights

Weissenburg Car RentalWeissenburg is located on the west of Franconian Alb and clearly holds a Roman edge. It is laden with old Romanesque buildings, churches and parishes. You will love going through the timber houses shaped in a queer manner. Its naturally ordained landscape has made it quite conducive for family vacations.

Ellinger Tor is perhaps the most marked entity of Weissenburg. You will also find its Old Gothic own Hall quite imposing. Statuettes of old nobles are scattered in hues and places with the bearded women’s statue taking a pride of place. With us, you are not only assured of hassle free Weissenburg car rental service but also ensured of unlimited mileage.

Germany has got some of its best hotels stationed here. Maxx Hotel and Leonardo Hotel Weimar are just two of several key names that provide ultimate comfort to lodgers. Its market place sells exquisite ware and businessmen often see scope for unique investment in this meagerly populated principality. Travelers can experience easy and comfortable Weissenburg car hire experience with us.

Andrew Church is a great place to check for architectural brilliance, tidbits of the place and general church ceremonies. It used to be a free imperial century in medieval times and still has kept the sanctity of buildings made centuries ago. Its old counterpart is a historian’s delight. Of late, some eateries have given just that modern touch with continental, German and mixed fare. Roman Museum is another significant attraction here, with remnants of its times as a free city. You will see shades of how earlier people used to take their baths in numerous roman baths. Altogether, this place reeks of archives and nostalgia.

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