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Stuttgart - Highlights

Stuttgart Car RentalStuttgart lies on the southern fringes of Germany and happens to be its 6th largest city. Calculated a couple of years ago, its population was close to 0.6 million. The city is encompassed by many small towns and townships and is embedded in a vast pool of high population density. Quite unlike the other German cities, Stuttgart is scattered across myriad hills and valleys. A few hills are nothing more than an array of vineyards. Actually, this pastoral setting is not much in sync with the automobile revolution that the city is being largely known for. After all, Stuttgart is the Detroit of Europe. “Where business meets the future” is the standing motto of the city (post translation). The travelers arriving at the airport can easily commute to their destinations and experience best Stuttgart car rental service offered by us.

The city is sub-divided into 23 districts altogether. Five of them are inner districts and 18 of them are outer districts. During the years of Nazism, Stuttgart had deported roughly 6/10th of its Nazi population. The city has shown enormous resolve after being virtually gutted during the Second World War by the raid of allied forces. Hire a car in Stuttgart from us and explore all the places of interest at your own pace.

Schlossplatz is the main square in the city of Stuttgart. River Neckar and the key shopping area of the city are both within striking distance of this main square. Various buildings of historic importance have been rebuilt over the last 60 years. The buildings are done in myriad styles. There is the Romanesque flavor and Gothic and Renaissance taste too.

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