Haiger in Germany is a picturesque old place located in Lahn-Dill-Kreis in Hesse. It is situated at a distance of about 25 km from Siegen, the nearest city. Haiger, to start with, is a small nondescript town which takes on a fantastic look in the winter months. Once you are in Haiger, take a drive around the place through the Germany Car Rental service to see what the place has in store for you. Haiger offers lots of cultural and architectural attractions for the traveler. You can indulge in culture and sightseeing by visiting the museums such as the Heimatmuseum Haiger.

Haiger - Highlights

The Heimatmuseum was established in 1978 to commemorate the 1200th celebrations of the first mention of the place in historical documents. The splendid half-wood house is a lovely one, located at the marketplace. Some of the popular attractions which you can visit by booking a car through GermanyCarRentalSite.com are the Linen Museum or Leinenmuseum Haigerseelbach and the Heimatstube Sechshelden. Haiger also contains a few notable buildings. The Stadtkirche Haiger was constructed to follow the construction of the pre-Christian Kirchberg Church Hill. The tower of the church served as a refuge when the town was under siege. The Stadtkirche had been a gift from King Konrad I in 914 AD.

The organ of the Stadtkirche serves as a special interest for the travelers who love the frescoes on the church's ceilings. Haiger took on an important role during the Reformation when the paintings of the church were covered with whitewash. This was a blessing in disguise as it served to preserve the illustrations until they were redeemed later on. Check out the other buildings as most of them have Late Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. The transition in the architecture can be observed with the flat wood ceiling being replaced by the stone vault, choir and naves on either side.

Haiger Car RentalTake your car around the city of Haiger and visit the culinary specialties of the region. Don't miss on the New Year's Slices, the Neujahrsscheiben. It is locally known as the Naujohrn. Visit the Haigerseelbach and Allendorf communities to see how the cake is baked between Christmas and the New Year. Sample the Fispeln variety of food used in Haiger, which is another delicacy unique to the region. Fispeln is often pickled with meat. When visiting Haiger is is suggested to make your car rental bookings in advance from GermanyCarRentalSite.com. It offers car rental services that make your trip safe and easy. Germany Car Rental also offers lucrative discounts; book now.