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You will never feel lost in Miesbach with pleasant climate and good population. We allow great Miesbach car hire price in cars with a smooth collection of utility vehicles. For larger groups, we even dish out vans. We keep you well insured and also charge you reasonably in case you want cancellation of our rental services. You can book Miesbach car rental service offered by us online or directly. If you make bulk bookings or plan to stay for long, you will get great rebates from our side. We care for your memorable sojourn in Miesbach.

Miesbach Car RentalMiesbach - Highlights

Miesbach is a town in State of Bavaria that borders Tyrol State of Austria and is quite close to Munich, one of Germany’s key urban cities. It is situated on the footing of Bavarian Alps; known as Mangfallegebirge. This is so called for being an origin of Mangfall River. Among its many peaks, Rotwand Peak is perhaps the most imposing.

It also encompasses two lakes: Lake Schliersee and Lake Tegernsee. These are serene lakes that allow plenty of recreations in their shores and a flurry of spas for naturally customized tourist services. Recreations include activities like hiking, trailing, golfing and sailing. Moreover, being close to Munich has its beneficial aspect. When you get tired of lakes and mountains, drive yourself to the comforts of urbanity. There are quite a few concert venues, malls and restaurants in Munich.

Even Miesbach does not disappoint in terms of hotels. Best Western Premier Bayerischer Hof Miesbach is luxury hotel of international standard. Then there is Pension-Ostler Hotel Miesbach and several others who cannot afford extreme luxury. Travelers can enjoy best Miesbach car rental service offered by us.

There are a few restaurants to provide great food as well; Gaststatte Brauwirt and Café Lebzelter to name just a few. It has had an old history resulting in a spate of churches and old schools. It also took significant part in conservation movement in early 19th century. Miesbach is the starting point of pilgrimage for many pious Germans. It was also a mining village in those times.

Miesbach brought electricity first to the folds of Germany; although that feature is passé now. Miesbach is well connected with other cities through roads, railway and airways. Cars are generally the most relished means of driving around and people look Miesbach car rental services offered by us as first requisite upon entering any city.

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