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Nienburg - Highlights

Nienburg Car RentalNienburg in Germany is a small town and capital of Nienburg district in Lower Saxony, Germany. Located on the picturesque German Framework Road, this quaint little town lies at a distance of approximately 55 km to the southeast of Bremen, and 45 km to the northwest of Hanover. Rent a car in Nienburg with us and explore its entire attractive destination at your own pace.

Nienburg in Germany is the largest town in the Middle Weser Region and is mostly frequented by family vacationers and honeymoon couples. It is an ideal holiday destination for one and all who want to spend their hard-earned holiday in a serene getaway far from the maddening crowds and the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. All your requirements of cheap Nienburg car rental service can be fulfill by us.

One of the most popular sightseeing attractions of Nienburg is a church that was originally a part of Benedictine monastery. The architectural detailing of this imposing structure is a supreme example of German High Gothic. One of the most remarkable features of the interior of this church is its Late Romanesque columns that represent twelve months of a year. You can also admire a painting by Lucas displayed in this church. Also, there are a number of grave stones here.

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