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Brandenburg - Highlights

Brandenburg Car Rental

Lying near to its eastern fringe, Brandenburg is one of the sixteen states of Federal Germany. It also holds the near unique distinction of being recreated after Germany got unified 20 years earlier. Its capital is Potsdam. Brandenburg also has a strategic geographical importance as it encompasses the largest German city of Berlin. Brandenburg has a lot of renown in terms of its historical importance. It was a part of the Holy Roman Empire and not too long ago (albeit a couple of centuries earlier), Brandenburg along with Prussia formed the basis of the German empire. We offer the best Brandenburg car rental service at the most competitive rates.

While Spree and Havel rivers mark the main fertility of the region, Oder and Elbe lie on its eastern and western extremity. Both the German and Sorbian language is used. The later has a very soothing dialect. Since its re-creation after the unification of Germany, it has held the concept of Green Revolution dear. There are lofty vegetations and great floral spread across Brandenburg. It has constantly crusaded for nature protection. The parks are being financed by the states and its well being and security is being seen by a park ranger staffs. For traveling to wonderful locations you can choose Brandenburg car hire deals offered by us.

Its catalogue of nature parks, natural parks and biosphere reserves are quite awe-inspiring. The state is divided into 14 rural districts as on last count. Brandenburg is not a lofty citadel of art and culture. It has a steel resolve though. In terms of administrative efficacy and military firepower, it ranks very highly. Its history speaks for itself in unequivocal terms.

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