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Muelheim - Highlights

Muelheim Car RentalMuelheim is referred as ‘City on the River’. It is another of many key cities in North Rhine-Westphalia Ruhr. It is a significant industrial junction holding big enterprises like Tengelmann Group and Aldi Sud Company.

Historically, it got its charter in 1808 and worked its way into being a major coal and leather dispenser. It was also the first in Germany to veil off these sectors in order to become a force to reckon with in industrial regime. Several biggies have splayed their branches here and even the renowned Max Planck has a couple of institutes here.

Muelheim is broken into 9 boroughs, each effectively managed by councilors. There is a smart railway station too to be connected with other areas of Germany. Muelheim is wedged between Church Hill and Broich. Whether you are for business trip or on vacations, use Muelheim car rental services offered by us to explore this beautiful city with utmost ease.

It is passionate about soccer and has a full-fledged club FC Mulheim. Attractions are galore with notable Villa Thyssen to allow natural respite. Then there are a couple of resplendent baroque castles in Cochem Castle Reichsburg Castle. Tourists coming here also enjoy the spectacular Cablelift to take an overview of Muelheim. For musical evenings, try Kloster Saam. If you have plans to spend your vacation in this city, then the best way to explore is hire a car in Muelheim.

For tourists looking for budget hotels, there are quite a few eco hotels like Hotel Haus Union and Hotel Unkel. For variation in food, you can try multiple restaurants like Retaurants Dalaman and Hulsmannhof. Weather is quite temperate although rainy season can be a bit boggy.

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