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Bernburg - Highlights

Bernburg Car Rental

Bernburg is the capital city of Salzlandkreis in Germany. Its fertility is provided by the expanse of river Saale. The river flows nearly 30 kilometers downstream from Halle. If you cannot map Halle in your mind, just think about salt harvesting and the palace of Moritzburg. To be precise, the town is located in Saxony-Anhalt. Saxony-Anhalt happens to be one of the 16 states of Germany and has carved its special niche in terms of development of architecture and fine arts. Even in itself, Bernburg is quite a force in terms of architectural development. Rent a car in Bernburg with us and explore all the fascinating attractions at your own terms.

It offers a behemoth castle of Renaissance architecture right within its ramparts. The castle makes one think about the period of past got by. It holds a bear pit in its moat and the pit has been freshly upgraded. Though many movements have come to characterize Germany, Renaissance movement of Italy has had its steep impact. Bernburg has also not been able to keep itself detached from the dizzying effect of German Expressionism. The Dr. Cagliari drill spans across the country and each city seems to be obsessed with pointed objects and imageries about half a century earlier. Hire a car in Bernburg from us and choose from its cost-effective and comprehensive rental deals.

Bernburg has had its tryst with Nazism and suffered equally from the crisis conjured by treaty of Versailles and mass annihilation from the allied forces in Second World War. The city has done well to redeem its architecture and culture and found back its feet entirely. It is a small place and might not be too dense in terms of population but offers quite a cultural riposte to the tourists who come here. The voice of the city speaks an idyllic language and asks the backpackers to enjoy the serenity and atmospheric calm.

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