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Salzwedel - Highlights

Salzwedel is a small township in the State of Saxony-anhalt Germany. It is meagerly populated and compasses important cities of Hamburg and Magdeburg. Located on Jeetze River, it caresses the northwestern region of Altmark.

Salzwedel Car RentalIt has a violent history during 2nd World war when a large number of Jews were either exterminated or disowned. Neuengamme Concentration Camp still bears the relic of hundreds of female prisoners bound here in 1943.

It has a range of half-timbered houses and special colored tenements, giving the township a unique identity. Attractions include Townhall, Monastery and Fairy Tale Garden. You will be astonished at the rarefied collections displayed at Johann-Friedrich-Danneil Museum. Monk Church is the king of churches available here for religious dispositions.

Salzwedel is especially visited during the running of two annual festivals. Park Festival and Smack Festival both attract a host of people from different scopes of Germany and even outside. Serene River Jeetze has a hand in moderating the climate here and that too is a positive factor. With us, travelers have a wonderful and memorable Salzwedel car rental experience that will turn out to be pocket friendly.

The city probably benefits in this regard due to nearness with Hamburg. It has a few well-conditioned hotels to serve fellow tourists. Hotel Konigsbrucke and Hotel Hanse Hof are just two names out of a list of hotels serving at varied ranges. You will love to explore the city’s stretches even with distinct mindset and viewpoint. Therein Salzwedel car rental services offered by us help greatly and are often sought after.

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