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Zweibruecken Airport - Highlights

Zweibruecken Airport Car RentalZweibruecken Airport or Flughafen Zweibrücken Airport is an airport located in Zweibrücken, Germany. After Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, it is the second largest airport in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2010, 264 247 passengers used this airport. Airlines operated at the airport are - Air Berlin, Pegasus Airlines, Sky Airlines, TUlfly, Tunisair. If you want to step in the cozy premises of Zweibruecken, you have to alight some 5 kilometers away at Zweibruecken Airport (ZQW). It is helped by a consummate railway service and bus service from Homburg. Replete with a bar/restaurant and other amenable facilities, you will find it a comfortable getaway and entrance to the city. Hiring a cat at Zweibruecken Airport from us allows the travelers to plan their Zweibrücken trip and explore all its fascinating attractions as per their own terms.

Zweibruecken is based along River Schwarzbach and holds a key place in the State of Rhineland Palatinate. It has been an erstwhile capital of Duchy of Zweibruecken. It still holds a ducal castle from those times which now largely work as a legislative center.

Businessmen come here to rifle their options in cigars, boots, soaps and furniture among other niches. For their stay and welfare, there is a cluster of hotels at hand; Hotel Erika and Apparthotel Europa being just the tip of iceberg. You can also try out delicious food fare at quite a few restaurants like Tschifflick and Portofino. You will love the archives and rare collections at Stadtmuseum.

Certain annual festivals are eye-catchers for large families. Zweibruecken is not hugely populated and thus you will find roads comfortable without a bother for congestion. There is a spate of activities on offer and for respite and greenery; you will find parks and gardens galore. All this and more is at your beck and call if only you care to get yourself a working car. Zweibruecken Airport car rental service offered by us helps you on that score.

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