Dresden Airport Car Rental

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Dresden Airport - Highlights

Dresden Airport Car RentalDresden Airport formerly known as Flughafen Dresden-Klotzsche is an international airport of Dresden, Germany. It is located in Klotzsche, 9 km north of the downtown. In 2008, 1,860,364 passengers passed through the airport. Airlines operated at the airport are - Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air Via, Atlasjet etc. Dresden Airport is home to EADS EFW, a business unit of EADS. Our company takes care of your Dresden Airport car rental requirements through our hassle-free online booking.

Dresden is full of history, the center of the industry, government and culture of German federal state of Saxony – Dresden. In case you want to have a romantic walk with your loved one by the river Elbe or you want to feel the old, gothic part of this city, you will find here everything you need, at any part of the day. If you are a lover of nature and history, Dresden is the right place for you to visit.

To see all the attractions of this place, it will take you much more than one day. That is the reason why the only way to see Dresden from all its viewable points is to do very well in organizing your time. Time discipline will take you anywhere when Germany comes to question because German people take punctuality and discipline very seriously. One minute of delay may completely change the route of your day and if you are sightseeing Dresden running after the bus, you are not likely to see much of it. Travelers can experience excellent Dresden Airport car rental service offered by us.

And the things are many, mostly of traditional and historical value. However, there are some main points and tourist attractions in this city you must not miss. If you roam around Dresden in the comfort of a vehicle which has been entitled to serve you 24 hours a day, instead of tiring sightseeing tours, you can have an enjoyable tour of your own. You will be your own guide and driver, you just need to relax and enjoy the things which are being offered.

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