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Strausberg - Highlights

Strausberg Car RentalStrausberg is a small principality in Brandenburg, Germany. It is huge enough to be the largest township in Markisch-Oderland district. It owes its rising tourism package to its nearness to Polish Border and the national capital Berlin.

The principality is divided into nine boroughs each with its municipal councilors. Its integral municipality has three incumbent hamlets: Gladowshohe, Hohenstein, Ruhlsdorf. With about 100 kilometers of free walking space, it allows plenty of hiking area and trails. It is not shorn of business enterprises too, running as many as 1500 businesses in its small scope. Strausberg is however too feebly populated, and that too has been enhanced only recently. Many business people come to these exquisite locales to find their mark. When you hire a car in Strausberg from us, you can get a wide range of rental locations.

It is well connected on road and has an efficient Strausberg Railway System for traveling assistance. A small aerodrome created in 1927 serves its frequent fliers. Among its attractions, Town Hall holds prime importance along with Ferienpark Feuerkuppe Strausberg. Renting a car in Strausberg with us would offer the most comfortable and affordable rental services.

People nestling in Strausberg find its hotels quite reasonable and replete with amenities. Lakeside Burghotel Zu Strausberg and Hotel Annablick are two of several prominent hotels lining up for smooth service. Of course with such meager populace, the hospitality sector depends on an inflow of tourists to reap dividends. They are in the habit of throwing off special offers and discount packages.

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